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BaitStore Angel and Other Stories

Genny Zak Kieley is proud to announce the release of her latest book "BaitStore Angel and Other Stories".


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BaitStore Angel is a collection of slice of life stories told in a down to earth style filled with heart and humor; each with an unexpected twist. The stories center around three themes—childhood memories of growing up in an old fashioned urban neighborhood, empty nest jobs, marrying a fisherman and adjusting to a new way of life in the suburbs. We live in such a busy world—this book includes short pieces that are easy to read—thought provoking with a soothing current of life & universal themes. Featuring evocative stories that draw you in and captivate you. This author writes about ordinary life—but it becomes so much more than ordinary.

Book Table of Contents

Baitstore Angel 1

California Street & Beyond
The Formica Table   5
House No longer lived in    9
Reindeer Ghosts 13
Mrs. Kubinski’s Blessing    17
Two Black Dogs  23
Treasures in the Attic  25
Bride Doll  33

Overcoming Obstacles
Who was first at the Dairy Bar? 35
Great Scavenger Hunt    39
Thank God I didn’t wear Hair spray   45
Never Give Up   51
Uncle Eddy: Seeker of the Stars 55
Glamour Shots   59

Crazy Doug Stories
The Bumpy Ride  63
Wild Goose Warrior  71
The Beaver Tale 75
Suit Story      79
A Tale of Two Anniversaries 81

A Mother’s Love
Coming Home Empty   89
The Music Quilt 91
Sept. 11th  97
Garden of Love  101

Unexpected Blessings
Messenger Carrying a Beaded Pouch       105
Snowglobe World 111
A Cigarette, a Can of Beer & a Camouflage Hat   115
Guardian Angels at the Country Club 119
Window on the Lake      125

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BaitStore Angel

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