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Pride and Tradition: More Memories of “Nordeast” Minneapolis

Pride and Tradition: More Memories of “Nordeast” Minneapolis

200 Photos. 288 Pages.

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           Andy's shop was a small wooden structure with crooked wooden steps leading to a narrow, worn out screened door. A sign above read "Shoe Repairing." Inside was an old pedal-driven sewing machine, workbench and piles of shoes. An ancient stove gave off the smoky aroma of burning wood mixed with the smell of leather. Known as the Mayor of 13th Avenue, for over sixty years he worked in the shoe shop every day from 7 in the morning to 7 at night. Andy was very well loved. A small man, he wore a leather apron and spoke broken English…

           He often told about the time he made insoles for President Eisenhower. Not knowing his size, he looked at a picture of the President and guessed at size 11. Actually, the President wore 10 1/2. Andy sent the insoles to the Governor of Minnesota, who gave them to the President. It wasn't long before a letter came from the White House with a note of thanks and it was displayed on Andy's wall…

Pride and Tradition

Important businesses are covered--banks, barbers, bakeries, butchers, a shoe repair shop and drugstores. There's a section called Why So Many Bars in Northeast Minneapolis? Also features stories of Polish weddings, immigrant living conditions, favorite swimming places, streetcar routes and schools. 19 more churches are included. 15 interviews include conversations with a railroad man, a streetcar conductor and the Buchinger family. There's a tribute to Rose Totino, Sophie Abraham and the well-known Biernat, Siwek and Dziedzic families. A special interview with Donald Moss. Nodin Press 1999.

Comments for Pride and Tradition

This book is a valuable addition to work that focuses on life in the Twin Cities. It is wonderful. I especially like the use of photos and stories to illustrate life as it was actually lived in Northeast. I love the opening “walk” through Kieley’s neighborhood.

Professor of Bethel College, St. Paul, MN

I read your two books about Northeast Minneapolis, Heart and Hard Work and Pride and Tradition. My grandparents were both born there. Being a professional genealogist, I had more than just a curiosity about the books from my own family history point of view. They were both wonderful!!!! I want to thank you so very much for gathering together the history, all of the photos and especially all the stories written by those who grew up there.

Elmhurst, Illinois


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