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Heart and Hard Work

 A Nostalgic Journey

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Genny Zak Kieley
...about the people and places of Northeast Minneapolis

Excerpt from Genny’s book
Heart and Hard Work: Memories of “Nordeast” Minneapolis


Heart and Hard Work:  Memories of “Nordeast” Minneapolis

149 Photos. 176 Pages.

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From the Old Country With a Featherbed and Two Pillows

Anna Biennias Interview

    "My mother, my sister Clara, and I came across the ocean to America in 1908. I was two and a half years old, and Clara was only a baby. We rode by horse and wagon to the train station, which was a great distance from our village. Then, we took the train to Bremen, Germany. We were served a box lunch. Many of the people had never seen bananas before and bit into them without taking off the peeling. They threw the bananas out the train windows, because they tasted so bad. People that were given a piece of gum, spit it out right away because they weren't used to it…"

    "My father had sent money to book passage for us on the ship Pectoria. During our three-week trip, there was a dangerous storm on Easter Sunday. We were lucky that none of our family got seasick, but many of the other passengers were very sick. My mother was nursing Clara. Sometimes, she would nurse other babies..."

Heart and Hard Work

Now in its fourth edition. One chapter is devoted entirely to the historical role of the churches. Eight major ethnic groups are described-French, Scandinavian, German, Polish, Slovak, Ukrainian, Italian, and Lebanese-including where they settled, the churches they built (and moved), businesses they opened, schools they attended, and the marks they left on the area. 20 to 30 distinct communities are identified. Also includes landmarks and businesses like the Grain Belt Brewery, Edison High School, Kramarczuk's East European Deli, and Hollywood Theater. Early sports heroes are given center stage and the last chapter includes 14 interviews with long time residents. Nodin Press 1997.

Comments for Heart and Hard Work

“When I showed the book to my friends and breakfast club members, we couldn’t put it down and we looked over each other’s shoulders telling stories and reliving our memories of Northeast: the Nut House, the Barry House, Edison, Guzy, Sheridan, Beltrami, swimming in the river and the quarry, the parks, and especially about the prowess of our great athletes that we played with and against. This book is a must read for youngsters who want to learn about Northeast and a trip down memory land for the over 40 crowd. This book is part documentary, part memory and part continuous living history of this unique Northeast community.”

City Council Member, First Ward

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